“What If…?”

In this season of Marvel Standom, Den of Geek comic nerds analyze What If…?, the new animated series on Disney +.

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In the latest episode of the animated anthology series, Thor finds himself in a universe where Odin didn’t adopt his frost giant brother Loki, leaving Thor as an only child. Our Marvel Standom experts break down the episode in detail and discuss the implications of that amazing ending. As always, stay for after the credits!
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JAMES GUNN shares his vision for The Suicide Squad, including his Starro villain decision, The Suicide Squad’s soundtrack inclusions, and his creative freedom in shaping The Suicide Squad’s plot. JOEL KINNAMAN and JOHN CENA open up about their passion for believable fights on screen and their experience working on set!

On a special edition episode of Marvel Standom, our experts discuss which Marvel flicks had the most exciting trailers that perfectly encapsulated the film and sold them on it months before even being released. Each expert picks two of their favorite Marvel teasers and articulates why that trailer got them particularly hyped for a specific film.
In this exclusive interview, Aaron Sagers sits down with Glynn Washington, the creator of the SPOOKED podcast currently in its sixth season, to discuss the spookiness of the show, the future of the podcast, and more!

As the MCU continues to adapt from its comic book source material, the comics that inspired these properties are hot items to collectors. We explore the mostly likely candidates.

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We talked with The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicetero on the franchise’s finale, the difficulties of wrapping up the series in a satisfactory way, if zombies are still scary, and more in this exclusive interview!
We sat down with Heels star Stephen Amell discussing his journey from DC superhero to professional wrestler and more in this exclusive interview!

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Black Widow EASTER EGGS galore surrounding Natasha Romanoff, Yelena Belova, Taskmaster and more! Check out the reactions of our Marvel Standom experts to the new MCU movie, as they break down and review the movie, get that ENDING EXPLAINED, and discuss the POST CREDIT SCENE. Read our full review here:
Words of Westerosi Wisdom are the perfect way to celebrate the Game of Thrones show’s 10th birthday! Game of Thrones was released 10 years ago this very weekend, so we’ve compiled the show’s most memorable (and generally best) quotes.

The Mandalorian recently visited a planet important to Star Wars lore: Tython. We break down what the planet’s all about, how it ties into the show, and to the larger Star Wars universe.
Pokemon Snap is BACK! New Pokémon Snap is being released on the 30th of April, and it’s bound to have hours of Poke-photography fun. We take a look at games with a “photo mode” throughout the ages, and make the argument that @Nintendo‘s Pokémon Snap was a pioneer and innovator in the digital artform.
We talked to author Christopher Buehlman about his transition from horror to high fantasy in the much-anticipated The Blacktongue Thief! Listen to the exclusive excerpt, and then read our full interview here:
Watch the Werewolves Within premiere day interview! Get excited for the hairy whodunit horror-comedy Werewolves Within, aa actors Milana Vayntrub (Die Hart) and Harvey Guillén (What We Do In The Shadows) join the Paranormal Pop Culture Hour with Aaron Sagers to chat about lycanthropic humor and more!

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